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Courage Treatment Program

Rivendell has developed a sexual offender treatment program for adolescent males. The Courage program is a self-contained, intensive treatment program dealing specifically with issues of sexual offending. The central issue in this program is to provide the treatment necessary with the goal of "no more victims." The all-male program is designed to provide very specific treatment of sexual disorders that have resulted in offending behavior leading to criminal charges being brought against the juvenile. The members of this treatment team work in close communication with community agencies to ensure the appropriate of after-care arrangements.

The treatment philosophy of the Courage program emphasizes personal accountability and responsibility for sexual offenses. Although some adolescents who sexually act out or offend may be reacting to victimization in their own history, emphasis is still given to learning one's own triggers to offend and developing appropriate responses to these triggers. The following principles are believed to be essential to successful treatment:

  • Relapse prevention planning must begin at admission.
  • Family involvement is essential to the successful outcome of treatment. Families must learn the dynamics of sexually reactive and/or offending behavior to provide the needed support when the adolescent returns home.
  • Treatment of sexually offending juveniles works best in conjunction with the court system, Department of Juvenile Justice or Department of Community Based Services, Protection and Permanency. Active involvement by these organizations in the treatment is strongly encouraged.
  • Intensive work in group therapy settings to foster a positive peer culture.
  • Emphasis on empathy building, understanding cycles of abuse, and trauma outcome processes.

Qualified Treatment Team

The Courage treatment team includes staff who have been certified as juvenile sex offender treatment professionals and is supervised by the Network Medical Director, Edmund Cavazos, III, MD. The Courage program treatment team, including a Psychiatrist, Primary Therapists, Program Director, and several direct-care staff are all Certified Juvenile Sex Offender Counselors.

Discharge Planning

Rivendell case management staff, working in close communication with the rest of the treatment team, help the parents and/or supervising agency to secure appropriate aftercare. The case manager assists in coordinating the discharge plan, which begins at admission. The adolescent's response to treatment as well as the family's involvement have a strong impact on where the adolescent will go after discharge from Rivendell.

Appropriate Referrals

The population served by the Courage programs is adolescent males, ages 12 to 17. Age exceptions may be made based on individual evaluation by the Courage treatment team. General requirements for admission include:

  • Exhibited sexual offending behavior.
  • Charged and/or convicted of a sexual offense.
  • Continued offending behavior despite outpatient treatment or the community remains at risk due to continued acting out behaviors.
  • Completed risk assessment by Certified Sex Offender Counselor.

Referrals to the Sexual Offender Program are often made by caseworkers from the Department of Juvenile Justice or Department of Community Based Services. Referrals also can be made by physicians, psychologists, ministers, teachers, family members, or other concerned individuals.

Please call 270.843.1199 or 800.548.2621 to schedule an assessment or for further information,