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Patient Satisfaction / Testimonials

“…I don’t know if you remember me …. I want to thank you for all the advice you gave me and especially the counseling you gave us. It really helped me and saved my life. While I was there I was just a “drug addict” detoxing and thinking staff were going to be mean people but you weren’t. I thank you and all the staff that worked with me and I now realize how much you cared. You all taught me DBT Skills that I still use to this day to help me control everything from anger to drug cravings. You all really helped changed my life just by the guidelines and skills you taught me and actually taking time to talk to me individually and put yourselves in my shoes. I thank you and everyone else at Rivendell from the bottom of my heart for helping me straighten my life out and believing in me. It’s important for you to know that you and the staff really impacted someone’s life and changed it for the better. I hope that you are still impacting people that have been given up on.”  Former TRUST patient

“The Crossroads nurses are the best RN’s I have ever had. These women know our addiction and know how to teach us the right way of recovery. Our nurse needs to be recognized for her hard work and dedication. She always keeps a smile on her face and we all love her for her kindness. Our therapist is a one of a kind – a passionate, loving, caring man. I cannot put into words how he has been a great teacher on this unit. We all love him dearly. The Mental Health Associates are compassionate but firm. I have learned that I am somebody and that is the greatest lesson I could be taught. Many of the staff are my heroes in my recovery.”   Former Crossroads patient

They have treated my wife better than I could have hoped for, and every time I have spoken to someone or been around someone they have been truly considerate.  Family of Legacy patient

Our experience at Rivendell was a wonderful one.  The staff were so good to our mother.  They were always informative when we called and were timely in calling us back.  We know that they truly cared.  Family of Legacy patient

I want to thank your admissions staff for their extensive assistance and professionalism.  Each time I call for help with a juvenile, they are outstanding and always ready to help.  They go the extra mile.  Rivendell provides excellent services.  Mental Health Professional

I had no idea what to expect coming to Crossroads.  Thank you all for your kindness, patientce, understanding and helpfulness.  The goup work and bookwork was informative and helpful and I learned a lot. I also learned a lot about myself.  Crossroads is a great program and you should be proud.  You are very good t what you do.  Thank you for your care and commitment to all of your patients.  Former Crossroads patient

I have learned a lot since I have been at Rivendell.  Never thought I could get help, but it’s people in this world that do care about other people that make a difference.  Being here made me realize I could get clean and be a positive person towards others.  Everybody deserves another chance.  Former Crossoads patients