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Because no should have to face a crisis alone.

Treatment plans are based on thorough psychiatric evaluations and mental health assessments. Therapists work quickly to identify problems that are affecting the behavior of concern. Effective coping alternatives are taught based on intense skills training and group therapy. Safety plans with alternative coping skills that work best for the patient are developed for successful transition home. Strategies to increase commitment for positive action and motivation for change are integrated in the treatment approach. Medication management may be an effective tool as prescribed by the psychiatrist.

Children & Teen Programs

Behavioral Healthcare for Children & Teens:


Adult Programs

Senior Adult Psychiatric Care: The Legacy Program – is an acute psychiatric program for seniors. The relationship between mental health issues and possible medical problems are addressed as well as behavioral symptoms.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults, Medically Supervised Detox Available: The Crossroads Program – utilizes the 12 Steps to address the needs of adults with substance abuse issues. Adults with co-occurring mental illness are accepted into the program.

Help is Here – If you or your family member is in a crisis or has a mental health issue, please call us at 270-843-1199 or 800-548-2621. We offer a free confidential assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help determine the best way to help. Rivendell is approved by Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurance companies including Anthem, Humana and Tri-Care.