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Behavioral Healthcare for Children & Teens

Choices is a behavioral treatment program for children ages five and up who are in crisis.  Rivendell’s therapeutic program for children provides a safe, consistent and nurturing environment that produces positive changes.

Adolescent Psychiatric Care: The New Directions Program – Acute psychiatric inpatient care and partial hospitalization for teens in crisis. Effective coping alternatives and intensive skills training are emphasized.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens: The TRUST Program (Teenage Recovery, Understanding Sobriety through Treatment) treats Adolescents ages 13-18 (if still in high school) that are dealing with substance abuse care issues or that have a dual diagnosis. For teens who have a pattern of repeated substance abuse that poses serious social and health risks.

Adolescent Issues of Sexual Offending: Courage – This separate, secure unit uses JSOTP, an evidence based program for working with sexual offenders, to address the treatment needs of males ages 12-17 that have committed a sexual offense. “No More Victims” is the goal for each patient.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services – Rivendell Behavioral Health Hospital welcomes outpatient psychiatrists Dr. Mrinal Mullick and Dr. Charu Raghuvanshi.  Outpatient appointments can be made by calling 270-842-5964.